We Have Several Amazing Creative Options for You ...

For details and prices, please send your request to anna@mariecatherinephoto.com


Traditional Photo Sessions

Traditional but beautiful family or children’s portraits with a variety of backgrounds, changes of clothes and combinations of poses (family together, kids alone and together, mom and dad, mom and kids or dad and kids, and for course with the family pet! These can be made into a variety of traditional and/or artsy gorgeous wall portraits.


Stylized Photo Sessions

These are one of a kind photo sessions normally reserved for high-end magazines. Marie-Catherine and you both come up with a concept and she makes it come to life in the most superb fashion. Extraordinary portraits will be created which you will consider your own  pieces of art. These may include the whole family and may require hair and make-up.


Photo Sessions “Parties”

A very fun photo shoot for the budget-minded or the time-saver! Best friends or extended families can be photographed together but have their own private session too. Just book one or two Traditional photo sessions and share the timeframe, the location and the price! Voilà! Everyone gets their private shoot and get to share fabulous portraits too!


European Photo Sessions

These photo sessions are dear to my heart because of the endless incredible architectural beauty of the backdrops. A photographer’s dream.  Typically these sessions take place over a whole day in several exceptional locations. For all of you who vacation in Europe, and/or who have family over there, this is an exceptional experience not to be missed!


Whimsy Photo Sessions

And now for something completely different! With this sitting, create the portrait you always wanted to do but never dared. Get ready for some seriously fun family time. Each portrait is tailored to the uniqueness of your family, so there won’t be another portrait like it in someone else’s house!


Alter Ego Photo Sessions

These “Alter Ego” sessions are “Whimsy” fun times four. Together, we come up with a theme, something unique to your family, and from there, we create several characters for each family member. The rest is pure unadulterated fun and joy for everyone. A true family experience where rolling on the floor laughing is allowed.

European Photo Shoots for a Full Immersion Experience.

Work with us

“I Look for Beauty and I Capture It. Beauty is Everywhere, in Every Person. The Art is to Be Able to See It and Immortalize It.” Marie-Catherine

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