"Marie-Catherine, the wall portrait you did of my children is my favorite picture in the house. It captured a special time in their lives where one was going off to College and one was beginning Kindergarten. You captured the love my kids have for one another. Not one person walks by your pictures without commenting on how amazing they are. Thank you so much for capturing this precious moment in the lives of my children."

Sheri Disney

"A great photo should capture a moment, not labor to create one. Those results are achieved effortlessly with Marie-Catherine."

Paul Stanley

American Hard Rock Guitarist, Singer, Painter
"Marie-Catherine is an extraordinary photographer! Her sessions are relaxed and joyful and the results are magnificent. She is a life-force whose ebullience, joie de vivre, patience and genuine love of people bring out the personality and heart & soul of her subjects while making it pure fun. (even my husband and son want to do it again!)"

Lolita Davidovitch, Actress

"There are many people who call themselves photographers but I consider Marie-Catherine an ARTIST with a camera. She has the uncanny ability to capture the perfect moment, the essence of her subject and she sees light/angles/color/textures in ways that the rest of us mere mortals can never duplicate. There is no one that I have ever encountered who is so talented yet so humble – she brings out the very best in anyone she works with and the results are magnificent."

Karenjo Goodwin

"THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for the amazing books. I adore them. They are so precious that every time I look at them, they warm my heart! They are incredible and such a blessing to have! Thank you!"

Valerie Hartford

StudyOutloud LLC
"In the decade Marie Catherine has been taking photos of my family, the photographic possibilities have been endless because of her immense artistic vision. She has always captured my family’s best moments. Each photo is more amazing than the last. We completely trust her. The rendition of her vision of each one of us is given birth into the most beautiful photos. Because her concept is ever changing, growing and creative – as she is in own her life – we have had many different styles of photos taken by Marie-Catherine over the years."

Sharian Bond Spencer

"My two boys (10 & 13), along with my husband, have very little interest in being photographed, and zero patience for the process. Therefore, it was always a daunting task I’d dread with every upcoming holiday season. Four years ago, it all changed. With Marie-Catherine, our first session was seamless and swift. I wondered what the outcome would be, and was amazed to see how she captured each of us in that moment. The personalities were on display – even our dogs! We were encouraged, and decided to take it a step further the following year. With Marie-Catherine’s guidance and amazing talent, we got creative and had a session I will never forget. It was hysterical, with one picture more outrageous than the last. It’s a memory we’ll always cherish, and to have the resulting photograph makes it even better. The holiday card turned out to be a work of art…our friends are still talking about it. They all wondered how we’d top it the following year, but with Marie-Catherine we knew we would… and we did! Thank you Marie-Catherine for not only documenting priceless family moments, but also for creating them."

Gerryann Agovino

Vice President
"My husband is in the entertainment industry and I come from a theatrical family in England. People usually pay us to take pictures of us but since we found Marie-Catherine, we use her whenever we need pictures for anything. Her quality is superlative, and more importantly, her humour and style are SO relaxing that you can’t take a bad picture. She is always up for whatever zany or classic idea you may have, encouraging you and making you feel like a professional (artists can be notoriously gruff and condescending). She gets the best out of camera shy kids or unconfident Mums. We know that once you’ve used her, like everyone else, you’ll enjoy many years of her making you feel gorgeous! Thank you Marie-Catherine for chronicling our family’s growth and capturing our humour. Long may you reign!"

Karen and Ned Nalle

"Marie Catherine is simply the best!! She always captures the most natural and beautiful images of my family. The settings she chooses are magical. The shoots are so much fun. There is no one else I trust to take our family photos."

Dahlia & Joseph Merhi

Film Director and Producer
City Lights
"We live in New York City, so our family has only had two photo shoots over the course of 4 years with MC. One in Los Angeles and the other at our hotel high above Florence, Italy. Both times the photos turned out to be stunning. Individually and as a family we have never had a more special experience working with someone as warm, artistic and truly lovely as MC. My young boys were completely charmed and she was able to capture their many moods and personalities. They even agreed to an outfit change! We are positive no one else could have made these photos—It’s the special magic that is only Marie-Catherine."

(Anonymity requested)

"4 years ago Marie Catherine took pictures of my 1 year old daughter and I for the first time. The photos were phenomenal. Since then, I’ve hired her a couple times a year, at my home in Los Angeles and in Europe, to take pictures of my now three daughters. Every one of her shoots is a brand new experience. She is so incredibly creative and versatile! She created (4) 4’x5’ black & white panels for my large entry way that are totally artsy and unique. I have never seen anything like it in anyone else’s home, and everybody who comes to my house raves about them. Her photos capture the very essence of our family. When we look at the photos – which are all over my house in all possible sizes – not only do we have wonderful memories of the day she took the pictures which was often so much fun, but we also have super high quality portraits. Every photo shoot with Marie-Catherine, however elaborate (some of them last a whole day) is extremely worth all the time and effort."

Sonia Mehta

"Marie Catherine has been taking photos of my family for 17 years. I think that illustrates how much we appreciate and value her work!! She is very talented and always manages to capture the best image of her subject. I will always cherish the photos she has created."

Kelly Davis

"Marie-Catherine has been photographing our family for 9 years, and each year she literally outdoes herself in her ability to capture the essence of our family. Her photographs are so emotional!! She is patient, artistic, and extraordinarily talented. We are lucky to know her and cannot imagine being photographed by anyone else."

Priya Desai

"I have worked with Marie-Catherine here and also in Europe. Her images are always beautiful and I find the hardest part is narrowing down the selections as I want to have them all. My children love working with her and it shows in the photographs. Each year Marie-Catherine has taken the photographs I use on my Christmas cards and I am excited and proud to send them."

Alexandra Dwek

"Photographs that capture the spirit of our family are a meaningful legacy that I want to leave and instill in my girls. Marie-Catherine takes photos precisely of that nature. We first got photos taken by Marie-Catherine when my girls were very young and it has now been a family tradition for over fifteen years. She creatively, beautifully and so naturally catches a moment between the members of our family that we can treasure and share with those we love. I plan to keep the legacy alive. And who knows, maybe my girls will someday be calling upon Marie-Catherine for their family traditions."

Terri Kenworthy

"Marie Catherine has been taking pictures of my family for over 10 years now. Her photos are art. Once you have used her as a photographer, you cannot use anyone else. Last year, we met her in Eze, in the South of France. Her knowledge of the area made for fantastic photos. In a foreign place, the photo session was incredibly easy and we all felt comfortable and relaxed."

Natalie Kirkdoffer

"Marie-Catherine is one of these rare photographers who is able to capture the soul of a person in that split second the shutter opens. On shoots with her, it all seems effortless. I am amazed when I see the results. She is one of the most creative photographers I’ve encountered. She sets up humorous tableaux that relate to people’s specific circumstances, and then, shoots the wittiest, most whimsical and unique photographs I’ve ever seen. The photographs my husband, my son and I had taken by her will hang in our home for a very long time."

Kate Pierce

"11 Years ago, when my children were small, I was fortunate to discover Marie-Catherine and her beautiful work. Since then, every year, we capture a moment of their lives through her photos. When we recently took down, at long last, some photos from when the kids were 3 and 4 and replaced them with their pre-teen and teen pictures, I was just so grateful that’d made the commitment to having new one taken every year and recording their every stage of life. The contribution Marie-Catherine has made to our family by capturing moments of my children’s lives forever is both precious and priceless."

Rona Elliot

Music Journalist
"For more than a decade we have been lucky enough to know Marie-Catherine. We met Marie-Catherine when my daughter was just a few years old and never looked back. Every parent learns how fast time passes and how quickly our children change as they grow up. I treasure revisiting the amazing timeline of photos MC has taken as my sweet baby has transformed into a beautiful young lady. Twice a year she has photographed us, giving us much more than just snapshots in time. She has an uncanny way of capturing the moment, our love, laughter and soul. No one has ever come close to taking photos as beautiful and engaging as MC. She has a rare talent. You will not settle for anyone else once she has photographed you. Thank you Marie Catherine!"

Nan Summerfield

"When I first started having photographs taken by Marie-Catherine at age 4, I realized that this was very different from having pictures taken by my Mom or Dad. Most photographers can capture a lovely face. However, personality? Not usually. Marie-Catherine can. She captures outer beauty and the incredible personality within you. There used to be some things I did not like about myself. For example; my eyebrows were too thick; or my hair was too curly. When I saw the photos Marie-Catherine took, it seemed like all those negative things disappeared. I felt really confident and good about myself. Marie-Catherine has taken my photo every year for the past 8 years and every time I am amazed at how I look. She does not capture anything bad. She just makes you feel so natural and relaxed! She has a way of making sure everyone can see your special beauty. That has been my incredible experience with Marie-Catherine."

Natasha Tilly Marcuse

Age: 12 1⁄2